Weather Resources for Adjusters

Get more adjusting jobs by using better weather resources

As an insurance adjuster, having access to the best certified weather forecasts and reports is critical. Current storm forecasts can help you stay on the pulse of where insurance adjusting jobs will be; if you don’t have access to reliable weather reporting, you could be missing out on quality adjusting job opportunities.

AdjusterZone members get access to our premium resources page, which provides adjusters with access to our favorite weather resources, tools for adjusters, and more. We have a few favorites for weather tracking and reporting.

Mike’s weather page is a great outlet that keeps you posted on weather events and allows you to track them in real time so when there’s a catastrophe you can be ready. From coastal storms to tornadoes and more, Mike’s weather page tracks all types of storms. The site allows several different options to display weather; you can overlay various radars and atmospheric conditions, see reports from on the ground and get all the information you need to track weather in one place. Mike’s also has a Facebook page where you can follow all the big weather events.
Tropical Tidbits is another great free resource that allows you to track hurricanes off the coast. They offer several different analysis tools including satellite imagery, surface analysis, forecast models, seasonal analogs, and more, so you can review different versions of the data to find what you’re looking for.
The NOAA also offers essential storm and weather forecasting data. Check out the Storm Prediction Center from the NOAA or try the NOAA’s Climate Data Online Search.
Interactive Hail Maps is an awesome resource. It’s a paid service that brings you all the hail related information you need, with features like real-time alerts, historical reporting, location monitoring, consolidated maps, and more. These features all work to give you the best technology in the field for tracking hail storms.
What are your favorite resources for weather tracking? Feel free to share your favorites in the comments, and make sure you sign up for an AdjusterZone membership so you can gain access to all our favorite resources for adjusters.

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