The Value of Networking

Networking for Claims Adjusters

 These days there are networking events for just about everything, why is that? Because the more connected we are with others in our field the better we are at what we do. Connecting with other adjusters can be the key to business success and career fulfillment.  

“Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know really impacts what you know.” 

– Sallie Krawcheck

Networking can be an intimidating prospect, even for the experienced professional, but the end results will bring you into a new mind-frame and awareness.    

Why is Networking Important?


It Leads to Opportunities

You never know who you will meet at a networking event. You may find a new business partner, or someone who can help you get more insurance claim adjuster jobs.  

Let’s say you are an independent roofing claims adjuster and you meet another roofing adjuster at a conference. You connect with them on a friendly business level, and realize you get along well so you exchange contact information. A few weeks later a giant hailstorm hits your area, leaving a huge apartment complex in need of extremely quick repair. You are called to the job and realize there is no way you can cover so much area in a short time, so you call your friend from the conference to see if they can help. Sure enough, they agree to take on the job with you, and mention that they could use your help on another job.  

So many situations like this can arise from meeting new people and from re-connecting with colleagues from the past. The web of a well connected network can be beneficial to everyone. Maybe you need something and don’t know who to turn to, but your friend recommends the perfect person. The opportunities multiply with every connection.


It Builds Relationships

Having good working relationships within our industry helps to get things done and improve the perception of success in our jobs.  The more we get to know other professionals in the claims adjuster field, the more comfortable we become communicating with them. The better we work together, the better our work is. This not only builds reputations within our own industry, but has the power to affect the opinions about adjusters from those outside of the field.   


It Helps Us Understand the Business 

Through interacting with our colleagues we learn. It’s undoubtedly the most impactful force giving us real-world experience. By being in communication with those in our field we learn from the mistakes of others, and can be guided by the knowledge of the group collective. By networking, we can more easily achieve success for ourselves and our associates. 


Networking Opportunities for Insurance Claims Adjusters

Conventions and conferences are some of the best places for networking, and if you are a Gold Member with us, you get a great discount on the claims adjuster conference AdjusterCon! This event benefits all types of adjusters in all stages of their careers. AdjusterCon’s mission is to provide independent adjusters with focused and driven guidance in the insurance and catastrophe adjusting industry.
More events for claims adjusters:
If you have attended a networking event that you would recommend, please let us know in the comments!

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