Top 5 Deployment Checklist

Essential Adjusting Gear for heading into areas affected by storms

With Hurricane Florence wreaking devastating effects on the East Coast, many adjusters are gearing up to deploy and help out with the many insurance claims that will need to be filed in the affected storm areas.

Like any good prepper, adjusters need to be prepared when heading into an area heavily affected by storms. So, what’s in your “go bag”? How long does it take you to get boots on the ground? Is your deployment gear just a bag of candy and an umbrella, or do you have the purpose-driven supplies you need to get claims filed effectively?

Here’s our list of essentials for adjusters heading into storm turf. Leave a comment and let us know if we forgot any of your go-tos.


1. The Gear

First things first, make sure your gear is organized and ready. Ladders, chalk, tape measure, etc. should all be where they’re supposed to be and easily accessible. Check and double check to make sure you know where they are and where they need to be before you roll out.

2. The Dough

Two things rule; plastic and cash. Take both. You need money on the road and leaving it behind is never a good idea. Have cash on hand as well. Cash is king for a reason, it works when cards don’t.

3. The Food

You know those images you see on the tv before a storm hits of all the empty shelves? Guess what- they stay empty for quite a while. Pack some non-perishable items like beer and beef jerky and have a couple cases of water for the occasional truck driver’s shower.

4. The Tech

Power inverter and a wifi hotspot are essential. You need to stay connected. Need I say more?

5. A pillow

You may laugh, but seriously, it’s the swiss army knife for adjusters. From naps to butt support, the pillow is always there for you. Don’t leave home without it.

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