Time-Saving Tips For Adjusters

 Close more Claims and Make more Money

Being an independent claims adjuster can be more than a full-time job. Take some of the stress out of your work, and make the most of your day with these time-saving tips. Make more money and close claims faster than ever.   

 There can be economy only where there is efficiency.

– Benjamin Disraeli

With so many apps, programs, and services claiming to be “must-haves”, it can be more time consuming to look for ways to be efficient than to just sit down and do the work yourself. But there are actually some really helpful tools and services that make life as an independent claims adjuster a whole lot easier. So here are some of the tried and true tools that we have found to save us time, money, and help us get the job done. 

Roof Diagrams & Aerial Reports

What if a big storm hits and you are overloaded with a large number of jobs needing to be handled as quickly as possible? Once you get out to the job site and start measuring it could take weeks to have all the information you need to get the claim started, much less closed. This why one of our top timesavers is using the service of an aerial imaging company. All you have to do is order a report on an address, and you will receive the information you need without ever having to set foot on the job site. 

Our very favorite aerial imaging company is Ridge Top Aerial Technologies. They offer roof diagrams that include facet count with pitch of each facet, as well as the roof variables including the ridge, hip, perimeter measurements, and the waste factors. Choose between an XML or ESX file to come with the report, and get your report back within 24 hours! 

With reports starting as low as $12, it’s a no-brainer. And if you are an AdjusterZone Gold Member you receive $5 of every sketch! If we haven’t convinced you yet, head over to the Ridge Top Pricing Page and see what they have to offer.   


Scheduling Software 

Did you know there is a scheduling program specifically for insurance adjusters!? Schedule It  saves you the hassle and time of planning out your calendar, while mapping and routing job site locations to help adjusters work faster and decrease fuel usage. They also do calling and scheduling – providing fast, professional first contact to the insured. Then they set up appointments based on adjuster preferences and sync inspections to the adjuster’s smartphone.
Schedule It boasts 77% of claims are confirmed within 10 minutes after assignment, allowing you to get on the job ASAP. Optimizing mapping and routing to maximize productivity, automated scheduling, creating contact notes and automatically updating the claim file to close claims faster, what’s not to love? They are rolling out a new subscription model starting at $40/month, so jump on board.

Hotel Booking Service 

We found out about Accommodation Consultants, LLC, from our friends at AdjusterTV.com, and it’s exactly what we need for hitting the road. It’s a service that handles lodging needs for independent adjusters all over the USA. 

It’s run by Dana Woods, who has a history working with adjusters, and who personally works to ensure you get the best rate and save you time searching for hotels. Did we mention this is FREE?! Yeah, so go ahead and get set up by calling 866-267-8020 or 877-253-3607.  https://accommodationconsultantsllc.com

Quick Set-Up Roof Safety Device

Standard rope set ups for roof safety can take time. That’s why we recommend using a roof safety device by HippLock. It’s a lightweight device that is easy to use and prevents life threatening falls. Just roll it up to the slope, flip it over the ridge, and you’re ready to go. 
Stay safe and save time. This is another product we like so much we have partnered with HippLock to bring AdjusterZone Gold Members 10% off every order.   
Do you have a time-saving tip that you would like to share with us? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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