Using a Smartphone for Insurance Adjusting

Smartphones for Smart Business 

 With smartphones being so common, it only makes sense to use the technology they offer to make our jobs easier and more efficient. There are endless ways that we can benefit from something that is likely already in the palm of our hand.   

“Technology is not just a tool. It can give learners a voice that they may not have had before.  ”  – George Couros

Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or any other type of smartphone, chances are that you already use it to improve your personal life. Using your phone for business can be just as helpful, if not more. Let’s take a look at some advantageous and convenient ways to use a smartphone to make your claims adjusting jobs more profitable.        

Get to the Job, Literally.

Getting to the location of your client should be the simple part, and it will be if you use your phone as a GPS device.

Top Rated Apps for Travel and Directions

Google Maps may well be the most popular GPS app out there, and for good reason. It’s navigation is simple and allows for adding a stop to your route, and it offers an offline option so that you can save your maps for later. Google is constantly updating their database to stay up to date and for most locations they offer a street view, which can be really handy for adjusting jobs. It can also recommend places to eat, shop, and stay for the night. It’s available for both iOS and Android, and it’s free.

Waze is another free app that is very helpful for navigating. The biggest benefit of Waze is that it is constantly updated by it’s users, notifying other users of traffic conditions, accidents, police, and even potholes. It’s available for both iOS and Android, and it’s free.

OsmAnd is an app for those who prefer offline maps. OsmAnd offers a plethora of maps to download. The free version has a download limit, but for $8.99 you can download all the maps you need. If you are looking specifically for offline maps, this is one of the best options currently out there. Available for both iOS and Android. 

A Camera of Course!

This one is straight to the point, smartphones have constantly improving camera functions. Whether you need to take some photos of property, or a video of damage to a vehicle, grabbing your phone is about as easy as it gets. Remember to go to your camera settings and choose a high quality of resolution so that you can get the most detail possible as to not miss out on any important details. 

Technological Tools of the Trade 

Scope.Claims – This is a progressive web-app (it is slightly different than an app, but it delivers an app-like experience). It provides claim management from any carrier or any IA Firm, and auto-receives assignments for where you are going to be. Other features include mapping, routing, scheduling and status-tracking. It has no double data entry, and it integrates with your Google Calendar. Up to this point, it’s free, but for $25 per month or $200 a year, you can add on the Caption Builder option. This is a handy photo labeling tool, making it easy to keep track of details. It offers 1,000,000 caption combinations,
Xactimate Auto-Input, custom lists, 20+ damage descriptions, and the option to pause your subscription between storms! It’s available for iPhone and Android, but you can’t search for it in the app store because it’s a web app. Check out more details here, or look into how to install it on your mobile device here.  

Xactimate – Chances are you already use Xactware on your desktop or tablet, but you can use it on your smartphone as well. This all-in-one app allows adjusters to build an estimate from start to finish, and it transfers from device to device when you are logged in. This can help with taking notes in the field and on the go, and then bringing them back to the office for review. Definitely worth looking into to see if this app could help compile your work into one space.  

IJ News (Insurance Journal) is the app source for articles, podcasts, and nationwide news and topics in the insurance world. 

Hail Recon made by Interactive Hail Maps, gives you specific details about hail using forensic level hail maps and radars. It also allows you to easily take notes in the field, canvas what areas you have already covered, and see what areas you have not yet been. 

Keep on the Lookout!

Do you have an app that makes life as an insurance claims adjuster a breeze? We want to know about it! Let us know in the comments what kind of apps and phone tips you use.  

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