Self Motivated to Success

Ways to stay motivated as an independent adjuster

With Spring in full stride and a pandemic upon us, ambivalent forces may have you overwhelmed and undercharged. Here are some ideas and tips on finding and nurturing motivation to push forward through this unique time.

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.”

– Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Reconnect with your original purpose

You’ve arrived at your current situation due to the choices you made in the past, presumably to achieve a specific purpose.  What was it?  Have you kept it in focus? The time may be ripe for revisiting the original motivations that put you on this path. And if you find they no longer apply, what other needs or desires can be served by engaging fully where you are now? This last idea can be used even if you’re still aligned with your original purpose but just find it hard to get through the day-to-day. Sometimes a change in your perspective can unlock hidden reserves of energy and motivation.

Inspect the environment for hidden opportunities 

How has the changing world created opportunities in your field? Are there new ways to do your job? A new customer base that awaits for tapping? Perhaps there are more ways to market your skills more effectively?

Upgrade or streamline your work world

If you are feeling ‘blah’ on the job, look into ways you can upgrade, streamline, or otherwise improve your day-to-day.  For instance, try ordering an aerial roof diagram from Ridge Top Aerial Technologies – if you are an AdjusterZone Gold Member you get $5 off each aerial diagram.  Or consider upgrading your tool belt with a fresh BullyBag.  While superfluous purchases can get anyone in trouble, smart ones can bring both the excitement of something new and the satisfaction of improving your business life.

Challenge yourself to meet your own standards

Working independently, you need self-motivation to keep you going. You can externalize it and create a feedback loop with defining a set of standards you conduct your business by. Write them down, like a message to yourself. They can be customized to your needs, or very general. The important part is that you define them and regularly reinforce their importance in your daily life.

Stay in contact with other independent adjusters and keep your network strong

Like a friend that gets you out to the gym, your network can rekindle your interest in your career.  What makes many jobs really “work” for employees is the relationships made in the workplace. Without that, you’re on your own to invest in relationships in your network and with related fields you encounter regularly. Try engaging in camaraderie and you may find yourself motivated by the connections you’ve made along the way. And it may have the happy side effect of drumming up more business.

Take time to recharge

Finally, be sure to get some rest.  As you probably remember from our 2-part post on Stress, downtime from the job is important.  You need to recharge, regularly, to do your best job, make the best decisions, and be most aware of the world you’re operating in.  Sleep, diet, and exercise – you hear about them everywhere for a reason. They are ways you can free yourself from work concerns temporarily, which can greatly improve your ability to address those concerns effectively.  Many of us feel like we have to manically chase down results, but overdoing it now can ruin your stamina in the long-term game. Sometimes rest is the smartest thing you can do to get the results you seek. 

Let us know in the comments if you have suggestions or tips on staying self-motivated as an independent insurance claims adjuster!


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    Your article reminded me that I need to find another adjuster I can talk with in my area. This will be a goal for me.

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