Roof Safety Equipment Review for Insurance Adjusters

Safety gear is critical to insurance adjusting.

Every inspection presents a different set of challenges and struggles. Oftentimes, working on roofs can present the biggest risks of personal fall on the job, and with the abundance of safety gear on the market, it can be confusing to know which one is best equipped for each situation.

We took the time to review several of the most popular fall prevention devices and harness systems on the market, so you can weigh the pros and cons of various roof safety equipment options and decide which is right for you.


Steepgear is a wearable fall protection system that sticks to the roof if you happen to slip. The shorts and pants look like regular clothing to the average eye, but equip an adjuster with Spiderman-like stickiness. Steepgear is something of a no-brainer, especially for adjusters on a budget who are looking to start off without expensive startup costs. The only downside to Steepgear is that there is no anchor point to allow for easier inspections; this product has been created solely to keep your body from sliding off a roof. 

Price: $110 (10% off with AdjusterZone Gold Member discount).
Function: Slide protection
Roof Type: Any type

The Goat

The Goat is a specialized piece of equipment that can help insurance adjusters navigate roofs of any pitch. This product is great for working on steep roof structures where safety is paramount. Adjusters can extend a hook over the ridge of the roof and the provided modular poles for safety. Extra beams can be purchased and added added for length, or depending on the roof, you may want to use fewer poles. The Goat is a flexible and practical option to tackle the steepest of roofs and should be a part of your toolkit if you inspect roofs for a living.

Price: $489+ (Free shipping with AdjusterZone Gold Member discount).
Function: Steep access — non-rope and harness
Roof Type: Gable only


RidgePro is a similar device to The Goat, but provides slightly more flexibility due to the harness hookup and additional security. This allows adjusters to  mount the device and leave it, moving around the roof with much more freedom and flexibility. This device provides excellent maneuverability, while also mitigating any potential danger on a roof with minimal setup.

Price: $399+.
Function: Rope and harness
Roof Type: Gable only


If you’re looking for even more flexibility, HippLock is an innovative mountable rope-and-harness device that allows access to both gable and hip roofs. This device is incredibly fast to set up and allows secure access to many different roof pitches. This is a very efficient and versatile device that can be used for many applications.

Price: $489+ (10% off with AdjusterZone Gold Member discount).
Function: Rope and harness
Roof Type: Gable and hip

EZLadder Guardian

EZLadder Guardian is another safety product that ensures that ladders stay secure while you get the adjusting job done. This equipment locks ladders down and makes the ascent onto the roof a much safer and more stable experience. This is a good piece of safety equipment for surveying roof sections that may be difficult to access.

Price: $198.
Function: Double pull ladder safety
Roof Type: Any type

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