Resources for Roofing Claims Insurance Adjusters

Time-Savers for Roofing Claims Adjusters

 Being a Claims Adjuster can keep you busy all year round, especially in times of catastrophe. But with the right tools and resources you can close deals smoothly and efficiently.

So you’re an independent roofing claims adjuster,  let’s talk about how to get the most out of your time and resources while maintaining a high level of job integrity and professionalism.

In previous blogs, we have talked about What Vehicle is Best for Insurance AdjustingSafety Gear for roofing claims adjusting, and Resources for Weather Tracking while on the job, but have you ever considered letting someone else do some of the work for you?

Hire a Roof Sketching Company

Many roofing claims adjusters have turned to companies who use cutting edge aerial imagery technology to create roofing diagrams. These roofing diagrams can be used to measure length, area, pitch, facet counts, and more. You can use these diagrams as a roofing cost calculator tool, which will allow you to spend less time on the roof and more time closing claims. This means you can take on more jobs, all while lowering your risk of injury.

Some of these aerial imagery companies even have the technology to provide you with timeline reports (which can help determine dates of loss and property condition over a period of time), as well as gutter and eave measurements. This can be a real time saver, especially if you are working on large or commercial properties. 

If you have a gold membership with us, you can take advantage of discounts from some of the top roof sketching and reporting companies in the industry, including Ridge Top Aerial Technologies! Ridge Top provides XML, ESX, or PDF reports that start at just $29.99. They offer express delivery within 6 hours, as well as hail reports, gutter reports, and aerial timeline reports.

Rooftop Measurements is another company who provides roof sketching. Although they do not offer hail reports, they do have a similar price range to Ridge Top, and you can place your order with them via phone, text, or online. EagleView also specializes in roof sketching, and has a “ClaimsReady report”, which is made specifically for insurance adjusters, although they do not have their rates posted online.    


Order a Hail Report

Another extremely helpful tool is a hail report. These reports provide you with the exact time, duration, and intensity of hail storm. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to extract these facts without the assistance of modern technology.

Again, if you have a gold membership with us you can take advantage of discounts from Interactive Hail Maps! They provide maps that are updated live in real-time, and have apps available for iphone, ipad, and Android. Another option is HailStrike, who offers large scale data reports if you need to place bulk orders. 

Both roof diagrams and hail reports can be requested for shockingly affordable rates. Given the amount of time they can save you on your adjusting jobs, we consider taking advantage of these tools to be a no-brainer. 

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