Retirement Plans for Insurance Adjusters

Make your Retirement something to look forward to 

With the active schedule of being an independent claims adjuster, a small business owner, or any type of freelancer, the last thing you need is another responsibility to take on. That’s why adjusters everywhere are turning to outside sources for help with preparing for retirement.

“As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning.   -Earl Nightingale

Setting up and maintaining a 401K can be extremely time-consuming. Not only that, but they can be expensive for the companies who offer them, difficult to keep in compliance with IRS and DOL, and they carry huge liability exposure. There are so many plans and providers out there, and choosing the one that fits you best is a daunting task. Here at AdjusterZone we have been researching the best options for independent insurance claims adjusters, and have found and partnered with the amazing team at TAG Resources to create the AdjusterZone Retirement Solution, powered by TAG Resources. If you are a Gold Member with AdjusterZone you have exclusive access to the amazing resource.             

Easy 401K?

We all know time = money, and that as an independent insurance claims adjuster it can be a challenge to find the time to do all the things required to keep your business running smoothly and effectively. This is where AdjusterZone is able to step in with TAG, making sure that all the day-to-days of maintaining a 401K are taken care of.

Here are some of the responsibilities that you will need to take on to manage your 401K plan:

It’s an intimidating list. AdjusterZone wants to help with 401K plans for claims adjusters. So our with our proprietary AdjusterZone retirement benefits this is what we were able to narrow your list of responsibilities down to:


Compliant 401K?

Compliance with the regulations set by the government, IRS and Department of Labor is a necessity that every 401K must resolutely face. The average retirement plan audit lasts 42 business days. That means 42 days of your time taken away from adjusting jobs. Plans administered by TAG are consistently compliant, bringing the average number of business days for an audit down to just 10. In addition, no program administered by TAG has EVER failed a DOL audit.      

Safe 401k?

Fact: 67.2% of companies 401Ks that are audited receive a fail from the Department of Labor. The majority of 401Ks hold the fiduciary responsible – that means YOU as the curator. If you have a plan administered by TAG, they are listed as the “Named Fiduciary”. This insures your personal protection to the highest degree. Talk about taking a load of your shoulders!       

401K Plan Administration Cost?

Plans administered by the AdjusterZone Retirement Solution, powered by TAG Resources are based on an aggregated model, so that we can offer the same great opportunities and resources to smaller business as are available to  larger companies. Because this plan is extended to many business at once, the cost of administration is the same and sometimes even lower than other providers.   

When it comes to your future, things can seem complicated and stressful, and that’s exactly what we all want to remove from the process. We highly recommend looking into your retirement options, and we are certain that you will find the AdjusterZone Retirement Solution to be one of the best options out there. 

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