Membership Price Changes & Benefits for Adjusters

New Membership Rates bring even more DISCOUNTS for Insurance Adjusters   

Here at AdjusterZone we are continually striving to make our service as accessible as possible. If that means finding a way to lower our membership rates, then we’ll do it. And membership still comes with discounts on services that you may already be using. It’s the same great service, at a lower cost. 

“There’s always room for improvement no matter what.”

 Ali Krieger

Becoming an AdjusterZone Gold member is easier and more cost effective than ever with our new membership rates. There is no better time to join and see what it’s like to be part of a well-rounded support team.   

What has changed?

We have adjusted the pricing on our Gold Member rates, reducing the monthly cost by half! We offer the same amazing benefits and discounts that come with being an AdjusterZone Gold Member, and if you have already paid the previous rate of $350/year in the past year, your membership has automatically been adjusted to a two-year plan. 

Plain and simple: For just $15 a month, you can have access to benefits that will save you time and money. 

What has stayed the same?

We are still partnered with all of the wonderful industry professionals who have proven so invaluable in supporting our community. These partnerships allow us to provide discounts on tools, supplies, conferences, continued education and more. 

Here are some of the benefits and discounts that come with your Gold Membership:

Healthcare for Insurance Adjusters

One of the biggest concerns we have in our industry is reliable and affordable healthcare plans. That’s why AdjusterZone brought AdjusterCare into existence. With healthcare options for individuals and families, AdjusterCare provides each client with a patient advocate to work on your behalf, finding the plan that works best for you, at the lowest cost. AdjusterCare has no exclusions for age, income, or pre-existing conditions, and is available to AdjusterZone Gold Members and their families.     

Save on tools and time-saving services

Chances are, you use a ladder, tape measure, safety gear, and all kinds of other devices that are essential to getting your job done quickly and expertly. Gold Members here at AdjusterZone receive privileged discounts at SteepGear, The Goat, HippLock, Xtend&Climb, HAAG, and BullyBag. We also have a partnership with the professional aerial imagery company, Ridge Top Aerial Technologies, who provide discounts to Gold Members for hail reports, roof sketches, detailed timeline reports, and more.

Retirement Plans

Setting up and maintaining a 401K can be extremely time-consuming. Not only that, but they can be expensive for the companies who offer them, difficult to keep in compliance with IRS and DOL, and they carry huge liability exposure. AdjusterZone has partnered with  TAG Resources to create the AdjusterZone Retirement Solution, powered by TAG Resources. If you are a Gold Member with AdjusterZone you have exclusive access to the amazing resource. 

Coming Soon… 

We are working on providing exclusive access to life insurance and critical illness policies for AdjusterZone Gold Members! We will most definitely let you know when this is up and running.  

Become a Gold Member Now!

Not only does AdjusterZone offer these incredible benefits, but we are always looking for new partners so that we can offer even more discounts and rewards. Take advantage of these great deals and opportunities now, sign up to become a Gold Member!

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  1. I thought I had signed up for recurring monthly payments of $15.00, but I have’t seen any payment yet towards my Gold Memership since my initial $15.00. Please check my membership status and update me. Thank You.

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