Insure Yourself, Ensure Your Health

Healthcare Plans for YOU, the Independent Claims Adjuster!

Protecting your health and protecting yourself against liability claims is essential to maintaining a successful career as an independent claims adjuster; that’s where AdjusterCare comes in.

AdjusterCare is the affordable healthcare solution for Independent Claims Adjusters and their families.

There is a huge need for healthcare and insurance benefits for independent insurance claims adjusters, and that is why AdjusterCare servers all types of adjusters across the United States.

HealthCare Plans for Individuals and Families 

Finding a healthcare plan that is affordable and effective can be a challenge in today’s market. But with a plan that is specifically made for adjusters, the burden is lifted and you can focus on which of their plans is right for you.

Each plan is a comprehensive Patient Physician Cooperative (PPC) with a $0 copay. You are provided with a professional “Patient Advocate” who will help establish your healthcare plan and guide you directly towards how to best fulfill your needs. You are also given access to Teladoc, which is a US board-certified network of physicians (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) reachable by phone or online. These physicians give consultations to treat non-emergency conditions and write certain short-term prescriptions when appropriate.


AdjusterCare Basic Benefits Plan

Individual Member: $109, Member & Spouse: $208,
Member & Children: $259, Family: $358

The Basic Benefits Plan includes your choice of a primary care physician from the provider directory, a personal Patient Advocate, prescription drug discounts, lab tests and medical imaging, Teladoc, and discounts for dental and vision care.


AdjusterCare Premium Benefits Plan

Individual Member: $223, Member & Spouse: $446,
Member & Children: $568, Family: $770

The Premium Benefits Plan includes all the benefits of the basic plan, plus 24/7 roadside assistance, a hospital and major medical indemnity policy, accident coverage, and stop loss/umbrella coverage (any medical expenses that exceed $50,000 per year, are covered at 90% up to a maximum benefit of $5,000,000.)


 Why AdjusterCare over other providers?

AdjusterCare has no exclusions for age, income, or pre-existing conditions. If you don’t want to switch from your current physician you can call member services and let your Advocate know who your doctor is, and they will invite your physician to accept AdjusterCare plans! For more information on the services and plans available, visit Adjustercare.com

AdjusterCare is available to AdjusterZone Gold members. Gold members also receive exclusive industry discounts on adjuster related tools, services and products, training, and discounts to the AdjusterCon Annual Adjuster Conference.  

6 thoughts on “Insure Yourself, Ensure Your Health

  1. This plans should explain further what the monthly costs to the doctors are in addition to the quoted rate. or at least provide a customer service number where we may determine if these plans are good for us. I have more questions that answers

  2. Are you self insured or is a major medical insurance company underwriting this group?
    Is there a PPO option?
    Where can you see the “directory” of Doctors?
    What is the deductible, if any?
    Is it 80/20 split until you reach the max and then it is 90 percent?

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