How to Stay Healthy on the Road for Independent Claims Adjusters

A Guide for Independent Adjusters to Maintain and Improve Health While Away from Home

Many adjusters travel far from home for extended stays to follow adjusting opportunities. It can be easy to fall into detrimental habits and succumb to temptations, especially when long hours driving on the road or on the job have eroded your patience. Developing some simple goals to provide a framework for your work away from home can empower you to make better choices and establish healthy habits.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

-Jim Rohn

Food on the Road

When you’re traveling, the lure of fast food and convenience stores can be powerful. You’re a bit bored, maybe your legs are a little restless, and you could use a bit of gas. These all may find you at a point of subpar nutrition. Planning and shopping for snacks and meals in advance and packing a cooler/bag gives you the power to avoid the poor nutrition of fast food and gas station fare, assures you have food if needed due to a “service desert” or breakdown, and can help you avoid excess stops when you have a lot of miles to cover. Additionally, when booking lodging, look for options near restaurants where you know you can meet your health needs. Or take it one step further and book a suite – or an Airbnb with a kitchen – near a supermarket. Then you can have complete control over your meals.

Proper Hydration

In addition to food, be sure to bring plenty of water. You may think “what about excess stops?” and you do have a point. However, the short-term diuretic effects of caffeinated beverages are more often the culprit for those excess stops. Proper hydration can help you remain alert, curbs your appetite, and helps maintain digestive regularity. Reusable water bottles are available in a wide range of sizes – Iron Flask even offers a huge 64oz option which helps you avoid the waste of plastic single-use bottles and limit your need for refills.

Staying Active on the Road

Do you have a workout plan for the road? Long hours of driving can be broken up with rest stops specifically for getting in some activity. Walking is beneficial, and a round of bodyweight exercises is even more so. Runners World offers an extensive list with animations to help you develop a routine that makes sense for you. A short routine can wake you up, and is a great antidote for a long day of sitting behind the wheel. Near the job location, book a hotel with a gym, or look to gyms with nationwide access like Anytime Fitness, which has over 4200 locations worldwide, the majority open 24 hours.

These are just a few ideas of many possible options. The most important part is to plan in advance to empower yourself to make healthy choices. Let us know in the comments if you have suggestions or tips about staying healthy on the road as an independent insurance claims adjuster! 


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