How Accident Assure Can Protect You And Your Family

2.8 million private workplace-related injuries were reported in the US alone in 2019. As an independent insurance adjuster, you might not have the safety of accidental injury insurance that a company healthcare package offers. At AdjusterZone, we’re on-hand to provide advice, training, and insurance options. AdjusterCare is a comprehensive healthcare service we offer that includes Accident Assure, a full Accident Benefits package if you and your family ever need additional support.


Accident Benefits For Independent Insurance Adjusters

As an independent insurance adjuster, you are fully aware of accident benefits through your own claim investigations. But what insurance package do you offer an insurance adjuster? The answer is a comprehensive one. Accident Assure offers extensive coverage for a wide range of accidents, including a range of treatment, accommodation, and specific injury types. 


What Accident Benefits Are Available?

Accident Assure offers coverage for the entire recovery process and includes just some of the below: 


  • Hospital stay – Accident Assure covers you for a whole year if you’re hospitalized as an inpatient within 30 days of a covered accident, ICU coverage for 15 days per covered accident, and 24 hours in the emergency room within three days of a covered accident. If you’re confined away from home, it may cover family hotel accommodation for 30 days.
  • Transportation – coverage includes ambulance transportation and physician visits for long-distance treatments (over 100 miles).
  • Treatment and after-care – coverage includes up to eight visits for physical therapy, medical imaging, medical devices including wheelchairs, and even prostheses up to three years after a covered accident.


Long-Term Injury Coverage

We understand that accidental injury can lead to loss of earnings and inability to pay bills, leaving your family security in jeopardy. Accident Assure disability coverage offers monthly payments for 12 months if you need some time to recover without worrying about income. You can choose between 24/7 coverage or solely for injury outside of work for a flexible plan that suits your needs. The policy also includes additional waivers that can protect any employer-paid insurance, so you receive everything you’re entitled to.


What Makes Accident Assure Different?

Accident Assure will provide benefits for covered accidents even if you have other insurance policies in place. There are no caveats for lifetime maximums, and you won’t have to pay more if you have to use your policy. The policy also includes two plans, Level 1 and 2, depending on how much coverage you need. It covers everything from a dislocation to paralysis and accidental death, so you can feel confident your family is provided for. 


  • Benefits are paid directly to you regardless of any other insurance policy. 
  • Benefits have no lifetime maximums.
  • Rates won’t increase because you use the policy.
  • Guaranteed issue rates start at $17.30 per month in most states.


At AdjusterZone, we’re committed to helping independent insurance adjusters across the US stay healthy. If you want to find out more about Accident Assure, or any of our insurance plans, become an AdjusterZone Gold member today.  Or email Eurie at agent@adjustercare.com or call 866-806-7731 to request more information about our insurance policies.

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