Discounts & Benefits for Adjusters

Insurance Adjuster Discounts  

With all of the expenses that come along with being an independent insurance adjuster, every penny saved is a penny earned. That’s why AdjusterZone has partnered with some of our favorite companies to offer our gold members discounts on services that you may already be using.  

You can never go wrong when you have a great team to work with. ”  

– Kubra Sait

Want access to healthcare benefits? What about discounts on conferences, continued education, tools, safety gear, and services like aerial imagery? Become an AdjusterZone Gold member and see what it’s like to be part of a well-rounded  support team.   

Healthcare Benefits for Insurance Adjusters

One of the biggest concerns we have in our industry is reliable and affordable healthcare plans. That’s why AdjusterZone brought AdjusterCare into existence. With healthcare options for individuals and families, Adjustercare provides each client with a patient advocate to work on your behalf, finding the plan that works best for you, at the lowest cost. Adjustercare has no exclusions for age, income, or pre-existing conditions, and is available to AdjusterZone Gold Members and their families.

Conference & C.E. Discounts

AdjusterZone holds an annual conference for the adjusting industry (which was combined with the AG conference this year!) that provides amazing networking opportunities as well as career essentials like panels on new technology. Industry professionals lead discussions and provide useful insights for adjusters in all fields and at all career levels. AdjusterZone Gold Members received an automatic discount of $50 to the 2019 AdjusterCon event, and they saved even more by signing up during the early-bird registration period.  Members also receive unlimited CE credits for The Institutes, who provide over 100 courses in continued education.      

Save on tools and time-saving services

Chances are, you use a ladder, tape measure, safety gear, and all kinds of other devices that are essential to getting your job done quickly and expertly. Gold Members here at AdjusterZone receive privileged discounts at Steep Gear, The Goat, Hipp Lock, Xtend&Climb, HAAG, and Bullybag.  We also have a partnership with the professional aerial imagery company, Ridge Top Aerial Technologies, who provide discounts to Gold Members for hail reports, roof sketches, detailed timeline reports, and more.

Become a Gold Member Now!

Not only does AdjusterZone offer these incredible benefits, but we are always looking for new partners so that we can offer even more discounts and rewards. (Sneak peak: think AdjusterZone retirement plans!) Take advantage of these great deals and opportunities now, sign up to become a Gold Member!

One thought on “Discounts & Benefits for Adjusters

  1. After 11 years as an Independent Adjuster, 1099 “Independent Contractor ” and W-2 “Employee.
    I have never really had a chance to follow up with the Claim Service company if I would be covered under their Workman’s Comp policy if I fell off a roof working field as a 1099???


    Next question would be employee classification OR Mis-classification of employee vs: independent contractor.??

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