Staying Healthy On the Road During COVID-19

 Last month we covered some everyday health points and strategies for at-least-not-getting-less-healthy while traveling for work. But what about avoiding COVID-19? The rules of the road have changed. Here are some thoughts about maintaining your sanitation and sanity while on the road for the job. “The first wealth is health.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson How […]

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How to Stay Healthy on the Road for Independent Claims Adjusters

A Guide for Independent Adjusters to Maintain and Improve Health While Away from Home Many adjusters travel far from home for extended stays to follow adjusting opportunities. It can be easy to fall into detrimental habits and succumb to temptations, especially when long hours driving on the road or on the job have eroded your […]

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Self Motivated to Success

Ways to stay motivated as an independent adjuster With Spring in full stride and a pandemic upon us, ambivalent forces may have you overwhelmed and undercharged. Here are some ideas and tips on finding and nurturing motivation to push forward through this unique time. “There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder […]

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How Claims Adjusters Manage Stress P.2

ADJUSTER LIFE: MANAGING STRESS, Part 2 Welcome back to Part 2 of our blog about managing independent adjuster stress. In Part 1 we discussed our adjuster-specific stress of being independent contractors, with frequent travel to claim sites. However, we couldn’t have predicted a big source of stress that’s very obvious now: the current COVID-19 pandemic […]

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Membership Price Changes & Benefits for Adjusters

New Membership Rates bring even more DISCOUNTS for Insurance Adjusters    Here at AdjusterZone we are continually striving to make our service as accessible as possible. If that means finding a way to lower our membership rates, then we’ll do it. And membership still comes with discounts on services that you may already be using. […]

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