Benefits for Independent Insurance Adjusters

AdjusterZone offers the best benefits and resources for members. If you are an independent insurance adjuster, no matter your experience level, join AdjusterZone and receive exclusive discounts, lots of educational resources, and constant training.

Independent Adjuster Resources

AdjusterZone offers links and documents to a vast amount of independent insurance adjuster resources that are available in the claims adjusting industry. We provide hands-on training for independent insurance adjusters throughout the country. We are made up of the top-ranked adjusters who are knowledgeable and have in-field experience. For access to our resources, sign up today!

Gold Member Discounts

By joining AdjusterZone’s Gold Membership, you will receive unlimited access to discounts for health care, adjuster conferences, independent adjuster classes, gear, and more! We are constantly adding new vendors and additional discounts on tools, software, safety gear, and training. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for AdjusterZone, please email us at

Healthcare for Adjusters

AdjusterZone offers healthcare for independent adjusters through AdjusterCare. AdjusterCare is a comprehensive patient physician cooperative healthcare system that provides easy access to affordable healthcare through a low monthly payment plan with $0 copay. Our plans include discount prescription cards, labs, medical imaging, dental care, vision, and several other benefits. Sign up for AdjusterZone and receive exclusive healthcare for adjusters.

Independent Adjuster Training

You learn something new everyday and your busy lifestyle gets in your way of staying current with the latest tools and software. Adjuster Zone Academy was created to give independent adjusters ongoing classes to continue their education in the field. From insurance essentials, to ethics and claims evaluation, Adjuster Zone Academy covers it all! Learn the industry lingo, stay up to date on the latest software, and continue your adjusting education with easy to understand online training modules that test your skills with independent adjuster classes through Adjuster Zone Academy.

Independent Adjuster Association

AdjusterZone is an independent adjuster association offering premium discounts for independent adjusters on healthcare, training, adjuster conferences, supplies and more! We believe AdjusterZone will change the adjusting industry forever. It is our goal to provide insurance adjusters with access to affordable resources and benefits leading them down the path to success.

If you are interested in becoming a member, sign up today!