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Gold members Get a NACA discount and so much More!

At AdjusterZone, we strive to provide access to resources, education, training, and benefits for insurance adjusters – that’s why we’re proud to partner with NACA as their official benefits provider. Founded in 1976, NACA is dedicated to providing opportunities and training for insurance adjusters, including the annual NACA convention.

So What is NaCA and Why Should You Register?

The National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters is a nonprofit organization, specialized in catastrophe adjusting, that offers training and mentorship programs to its members.


Every year they host the #1 event in the industry, the NACA convention. For 45 years the NACA convention has been a critical part of the adjuster community. The convention is the go-to place for training and networking for new and seasoned adjusters alike. This year the convention is to be hosted in at the Hilton Orlando, who is taking comprehensive safety measures to ensure that everyone can meet with confidence! Learn more about the NACA convention and sign up before November 30 to get early-bird pricing!

As an AdjusterZone Gold Member, you can receive a 10% discount on registration for the NACA convention! If you aren’t yet a Gold Member, but have been considering it, you can also use promo code NACA to get your first month of AdjusterZone Gold membership for free and 10% off your monthly membership fee after that!

The discount code to register for the NACA conference is available for Gold Members on the Gold Member Benefits page, then head over to the NACA site to get registered.

Other Benefits of Becoming a Gold Member

AdjusterCare was created to address the need for healthcare and insurance benefits in the Independent Adjuster industry. Gold Membership grants you access to these benefits as well as a number of other discounts. We offer a large range of options to provide great benefits to adjusters across the US. We continually strive to make our service as accessible as possible and to keep our rates low.

This past December, we slashed the price of Gold membership to just $15 per month!

As we continue to grow and gain new members, we look forward to continuing to provide you even more benefits and resources in the future – we have a few things in the works, but feel free to let us know in the comments any features you’d like to see or resources that you’d find helpful! We look forward to continuing to serve you.

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