“If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end.” – Julius Irving


AdjusterCare is the affordable healthcare solution for Independent Claims Adjusters and their families.

It’s essential to protect your health if you want to maintain a successful career as an independent claims adjuster. AdjusterCare is here to help.

Health Plans just for Independent Claims Adjusters

AdjusterCare was created to address the need for healthcare and insurance benefits in the Independent Adjuster industry. We offer a large range of options to provide great benefits to adjusters across the US. We continually strive to make our service as accessible as possible and to keep our rates low.

Available, with Perks, when enrolled in AdjusterZone Gold

AdjusterCare is available to all AdjusterZone Gold members. Gold members also receive exclusive discounts on adjuster-related tools, services, and products through our partnerships with great companies including SteepGear, The Goat, HippLock, Xtend&Climb, HAAG, BullyBag, and Ridge Top Aerial Technologies. This past December, we slashed the price of Gold membership to just $15 per month!

Affordable Plans with Multiple Options

Accessing effective healthcare at an affordable cost continues to be a challenge for countless people across the US. But with our plans, which are made specifically for adjusters, you can focus less on cost and more on determining which plan is right for you.

All of our plans are comprehensive Patient Physician Cooperatives (PPC). You are partnered with a professional “Patient Advocate” who helps establish your healthcare plan and works with you directly to determine how to best fulfill your needs. You also get access to Teladoc, which is a US board-certified network of physicians (available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year) reachable by phone or online. These physicians provide consultations to treat non-emergency conditions and write certain short-term prescriptions when appropriate.

AdjusterCare doesn’t restrict enrollment due to age, income, or pre-existing conditions. And when you join, if you don’t want to switch from your current physician you can call member services and tell your Advocate who your doctor is, and they will invite them to accept AdjusterCare plans.

ADJUSTERCARE BASIC BENEFITS PLAN – $40/month per adult, $20/month per child:

The Basic Benefits Plan includes your choice of a primary care physician from the provider directory, a personal Patient Advocate, prescription drug discounts, no-cost lab tests, Teladoc, and discounts for dental, vision care, hearing, and 24/7 roadside assistance!

ADJUSTERCARE CONCIERGE BENEFITS PLAN – $89/month per adult, $50/month per child:

The Concierge Benefits Plan includes all the benefits of the basic plan, plus choose between either 1) PPC Physician at $0 Co-pay, or 2) Nominate your current primary care physician and receive a Health Debit Card.

ADJUSTERZONE CONCIERGE PLUS BENEFITS PLAN – $109/month per adult, $75/month per child:

Includes all the benefits of the other two plans plus Diagnostic Imaging at $0 cost at participating imaging centers, including X-Ray, CT scan, MRI, PET scan, Ultrasounds, and Mammograms.

For more information on services and plans available, visit Adjustercare.com

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